UCF Corporate Package

The UCF® Corporate Package gives an entire organization the necessary documents to communicate both compliance guidelines and governance implementation of those guidelines.

The UCF Corporate Package includes everything in the UCF Basic Package, but get this Package if:

  • You also need to implement metrics management in your organization to prove compliance
  • You need to clearly understand functional roles and responsibilities for your compliance projects
  • You'd like hundreds of templates to leverage when creating your own custom policies
  • You need to establish your own Information Classification regime
  • You require a method to build out audit questions


Everything in the UCF Basic Package, plus

  • The Metrics Management Standards (in Word format)
  • Roles definitions (in Word format)
  • Monitored Events (in Word format)
  • The Compliance Documents (policies, procedures, plans, checklists, and templates) (in Word format)
  • Configuration Management Standards (in Word format)
  • Information Classification which includes Task and Record classifications, the Business Function Standard, and the Record Category Worksheets (in Word format)
  • Audit Guidelines that cover the published Compliance Documents (cDocs), as well as a master Audit Guideline that  covers all known controls that have audit questions (in Word format)
  • The Authority Document In-Depth reports (in Word format)
  • The Science of Compliance eBook
  • Quarterly updates

If you need a solution that integrates with the in-house compliance database or GRC tool, click here.


A yearly subscription is $10,000.00 and includes quarterly updates.

License Agreement

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Price: $10,000.00