UCF Corporate Database Package

The UCF® Corporate Database Package delivers the UCF as materials and a data structure ready for the organization’s homegrown database or GRC tool integration (product integration).


Everything in the UCF Basic Package and the UCF Corporate Package, plus

  • Direct Access to the UCF Development Team, Training, and Support for implementing the UCF in a corporate data solution or OEMed product package
  • XSDs that describe the UCF as a data structure
  • XML files not only for the primary tables but also all join tables along with critical meta data fields to allow the organization to create detailed change reports
  • A sample training database showing how the UCF is structured in an SQL relationship
  • An MS-SQL Load tool that show how to tie the UCF data structure together in your own database
  • Support documents to show how the UCF team has created all of the Corporate Database documents out of the XML data we provide and maintain
  • The Science of Compliance eBook
  • Quarterly Updates



ucf xml database files illustration

Price: $20,000.00