The Controls Spreadsheets

All of the controls identified in every Authority Document mapped in the Unified Compliance Framework® are listed in the various Controls Spreadsheets. The “UCF Controls.xls” spreadsheet includes every control in hierarchical order. The other spreadsheets are subsets of controls, broken into the top fourteen levels of the UCF® hierarchy.

Use the UCF Controls Spreadsheets to quickly and easily determine the minimum set of controls you need to examine to meet your compliance requirements. Each control includes a reference link (Control ID), allowing you to research your specific requirements, clarify conflicts created by overlapping Authority Documents, and drill down for explanations and sources for each control.

Each control also contains certain meta data that we track and provide to our customers. For every control in the UCF, we know whether or not it is corrective, preventive, or detective. We also know whether the control is focused on configuration, processes, behaviors, etc.

Controls spreadsheets are available with all Packages.

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